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Act confident and no one will ever question you!

Paige & Zu 

Owner/Founder of Fika Blooms 

Hi there, 

I am Paige the Boss lady at Fika Blooms.

I am 21 and floristry and owning my own Business isn't a job for me, I love what I do and therefore I haven't worked a day since I opened Fika Blooms. Owning my little florist is something that I appreciate everyday. "Fika" means to appreciate something little and I am so glad that I can do that everyday when I come to "work". My vision is to create a special moment when you receive flower's or gifts from Fika Blooms that will make you appreciate something small and put a smile on your face.

Paige x

P.s Zu is my little apprentice love's pats, snugs and sleeping on the job.

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