wedding flowers seasonality guide

It can often be a very confusing adventure navigating your way through the information on what flower's are available for your wedding day. 
Dependning on what date you have chosen to say ' I Do' available wedding blooms generally change for each month. More times than not a wedding date is in place and it can be overwhelming ands often a little upsetting for brides-to-be to fin out their dream wedding flower isn't going to be available. 
It's important to do a little research before getting your heart set on certain wedding flowers.

Sometimes imported wedding flowers are also available, and certainly we are experiencing a lot more access to global flower lines, but whatever the blooms, wherever it grows, it still has it season, and while importing can seem like a valid option it comes at an increased cost and still doesn't guarantee that you can access your must have wedding flowers.

Mother nature regardless of the country, still reigns supreme with what blooms when, and how long for!

Here at Fika Blooms we have put together this wedding flowers seasonality guide including some of the most popular wedding flowers. certainly sometimes seasons can be extended and there are also some wedding flowers that can cross over into a couple of seasons, we have also listed the couple of most sought after flowers that can generally be available as imported lines in Australia. 
Import options need to be discussed with the team at Fika Blooms as imports are subject to availability, and import processes and availability through seasons are not always the full entire period of time, with some import lines only available for 5-6 weeks.


Amaranthus                       Proteas           

Celosia                              Roses 

Cornflower                        Scabiosa

Cosmos                            Snapdragon 

Dahlias                              Stephanotis 

Daisies                              Stock 

David Austin roses            Water Lillies 

Delphinium                        Zinnias 

Gardenia Blooms 



Kangaroo Paw 




Phalaenopsis Orchid